The bookings made with be@home requires full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions described below.



1.1.   Enquiries

The information sent by be@home to be guest in response to an enquiry is not binding, as prices and availability are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. To ensure the price and availability of the desired property, the guest must request confirmation of booking.

Babies under 2 are accepted free of charge.

1.2.   Booking Confirmation

Confirmation of pre-reservations is subject to a prepayment of 30% of the total amount of the reservation, by credit card, paypal or bank transfer, at the time of booking.

Confirmation of reservations is made by email against reception of the prepayment and is binding on both parties (guest and be@home), thus it is not necessary to carry out a rental contract.

If we do not receive the prepayment within 48hrs the pre-reservation will be cancelled.

1.3.   Changes

In the case of an extension of stay, the change requests of confirmed reservations are subject to the house availability.

In the event of modification results in a reduction of the period of stay, the request must be made by email to be@home with a minimum of 7 days of check-in date for apartments and chalets and 14 days for villas, in order to be entitled to a refund of the amount corresponding to the period not used.

If the booking is changed by increasing the number of guests, the request should be sent by email 72hrs before check-in. be@home will confirm the change by email and will charge the additional amount, if applicable, in accordance with the rental rate in force for the property.

1.4.   Cancellations

Cancellation of confirmed bookings is free of charge, provided that the request is sent to be@home with a minimum notice of 7 days from check-in for apartments and chalets and 14 days for villas.In this case, be@home will refund the guest of the amount previously received. Cancellation requests that do not comply with this notice will not be refunded but be@home always guarantees guests the opportunity to use this balance in a future booking, within 12 months from the cancellation of the initial booking.

1.5.   Bookings made on external channels 

Online bookings made at third party websites are subject to the terms and conditions communicated at each website.

1.6.   Bookings with owner check-in/check-out service

Some accommodations advertised on the be@home website have the owner's check-in/check-out service, as indicated in the listing details, which means that the owner will be responsible for providing the accommodation service. Thus, all guest's questions related to their stay in an accommodation with Owner Check-in/Out, must be sent directly to the owner. After confirmation of the reservation we will send the owner contacts to the guest.



2.1.   Remaining payment and cleaning fee

The remaining payment of booking and the cleaning fee must be settled by credit card, paypal or bank transfer one week before check-in or in cash at check-in.

Bookings with owner check-in/check-out: the remaining payment must be made by credit card, paypal or bank transfer until check-in. Cash payment at check-in is not available.

2.2.   Damage deposit

The amount of the damage deposit varies according to the house and must be paid by credit card or bank transfer till check-in. The return of the deposit is made up to 7 days after check-out, after checking the house.5

2.3.   Bookings made on external channels 

Online bookings made at third party websites are subject to the payment terms and conditions communicated at each website.



3.1.   Check-in/check-out times

Standard hours of check-in and check-out of each house are communicated in the be@home website. If the guest wishes to book check-in and/or check-out for another time, should send a request to be@home. Whenever possible, we will adjust the schedules to the guest's needs.

3.2. Late check-in scheduling

If the guest needs to schedule check-in after 8:00 pm, be@home will provide the service by charging the guest an additional cost of €30.

Christmas and New Year service: an additional cost of €60 applies to each check-in on 24/12 and 31/12 from 6:00 pm and also on 25/12 and 01/01 throughout the day.

Reservations with Owner Check-in/Check-out service: Specific conditions apply as communicated in the details of the house listing.

3.3. Failure to meet the scheduled check-in time

Check-in is carried out in person at the accommodation by an employee of our team of Welcome Managers who will receive the guest at the previously scheduled time and confirmed by be@home in the email with the check-in details.

If the guest has any constrain upon arrival that unables him/her from meeting the scheduled check-in time, he/she should inform their Welcome Manager, at least 4 hours in advance, so that we can reschedule the check-in. If the guest does not previously inform their Welcome Manager and shows up for check-in with a delay of more than 1 hour, we reserve the right to charge a penalty of €30 and reschedule the check-in to the next possible time.

3.4.  Identification of guests

In order to identify the group of guests included in the reservation, prior to check-in, the guest who made the reservation will receive a secure link for each guest to check-in online, which consists of filling in their personal data and to photograph their identification document, so that we can validate the data entered. Personal data of guests will not be used for any other purpose than this. This procedure is mandatory for all guests, as it is the way to identify themselves as users of the accommodation.

3.5.  Number of Guests

The number of guests present at check-in must be the same as the number of guests set in the booking. If there is an increase in the number of guests which would result in an increase of the total rental price, the difference in question should be settled to be@home. In any case, the number of guests present at check-in cannot exceed the maximum occupancy of the house.



4.1.   House cleaning and supply of bed linen and bath towels according to the number of guests.

4.2.   Baby cot and cot linen (if requested).  

4.3.   Electricity, water, gas, internet and television.

4.4.   Household consumables (toilet paper, bath gel, soap for hands, coffee, sugar, salt, etc.)

Bookings with owner check-in/out may have different conditions, therefore it is necessary to consult in the listing the details of the services included.



5.1.   The stay and use of the house are restricted to the number of guests set for the booking.

5.2.   It is strictly forbidden to organise events at the property without the previous consent by be@home.

5.3.   Pets are not allowed, unless previously authorized at exceptional situations.

5.4.   It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside any property.

5.5.   The guest is liable for the use of house and outdoor space, if any, and should adopt a responsible behaviour and comply with its safety and usage rules communicated at the house.

5.6.   At check-in, guest will receive one set of keys/remote gate control for which they are responsible. 

5.7.   It is the guest's responsibility to supervise the children in his care, including the use of the pool and outdoor spaces.

5.8.   The guest is liable for any damage caused to the property during his stay when motivated by negligence or wilful misconduct acts, which are not restricted to the value of the damage deposit. At check-out, if the Welcome Manager designated by be@home detects damages at the property and/or it’s household equipment, he shall hold the damage deposit as a payment guarantee for the repairs or replacements needed. If the effective costs are lower than the damage deposit amount, the balance will be reimbursed to the guest. 

5.9.  In case of any malfunction or damage of the property’s equipment occurred during the stay, the guest must immediately report such events to be@home, who will handle the repairs.

5.10. be@home is not responsible for any guest’s objects or belongings left at the house.

5.11. Bookings with owner check-in/out may have different conditions, therefore it is necessary to consult the details about the rules of stay in the listing.



6.1.   The guest’s stay may be interrupted by be@home or by the owner, without the right to any refund, in case the guest reveals misconduct or not compliance with the use, safety and hygiene rules of the property.

6.2.   If the interruption of stay is caused by reasons unpredictable causes, be@home will reallocate the guest to another property, if available. In case the reallocation is not possible, be@home will refund the nights not used to the guest.



7. 1. From the second booking, be@home assigns to its clients the status of FREQUENT GUEST and offers 5% PERMANENT DISCOUNT in Accommodation, whenever the client will book directly with be@home.



8.1. For all support needs during the stay, guests should contact via phone or email the designated be@home Welcome Manager or the owner, in case of a reservation with owner check-in/out service.

8.2. For urgent issues, are also available the central contacts of be@home:

  • Phone: +351 911 555 608
  • Email: