About Us

was born in 2011 with the goal of building an integrated and professional offer of services for Short-term Rentals in Portugal. Attention to detail and personalization have always been present in our service offering and are today an integral part of our culture.

We promote proximity and trust relationships with our owners so that we can achieve the best results together.

We value interpersonal relationships, so our accommodation offer is complemented by the service of a dedicated Welcome Manager, who welcomes the guest in the house, provides all the necessary support and is the point of contact throughout the stay.

We believe that traveling is experiencing life through different perspectives. Discover the be@home perspective.

Be with us, .

Carla Valente and Luzia Martins

Our team

Luzia Martins

Managing Partner

Carla Valente

Managing Partner

Lúcia Furtado

Marketing & Bookings

Patrícia Tavares

Operational Officer

Carla Jesus

Welcome Manager

Filipe Marques

Welcome Manager

Bruno César

Welcome Manager

Patricia Timmerman

Welcome Manager

Caroline Carvalho

Welcome Manager